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Titel: Here We Go
Erscheinungsdatum: 16. Feb. 2010

1. Here we go again
2. Something else
3. I`m waiting
4. Outta nothing at all
5. Forget about it
6. Big time
7. The Difference

Titel: Talk to Me
Erscheinungsdatum: 13. Feb. 2007
Label: City Light

1. The Way You Look Tonight 7. Makin' Whoopee
2. I Get A Kick Out Of You 8. Moon River
3. My Funny Valentine 9. Come Rain Or Come Shine
4. Bewitched 10. I've Got The World On A String
5. Come Dance With Me 11. All The Way
6. The Way You Look Tonight

Titel: 8:09
Erscheinungsdatum: 27.Apr.2004 / 6.Sep. 2004
Label: Artemis (USA) / Rykodisc (UK)
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1. Dance Like That 6. I'd Never Get Over You
2. Love Me That Way 7. California
3. This is Different 8. Someday
4. Supergirl 9. Falling
5. L.A. Blue 10. Endlessly


Titel: One Too Many - Live From New York
Erscheinungsdatum: 8.Oct.2002
Label: New Line Records

1. Stay the Same 12. Eman's Wrath
2. I Don't Know Why I Love You 13. Landslide
3. I Love You Came To Late 14. Time After Time
4. Love's a Bitch 15. All the Way
5. One/With or Without You 16. Workshop
6. NYC Girls 17. Falling
7. Pick Dropped 18. What If I Was Gay
8. Cover Girl 19. Rain
9. Easier 20. With a Girl Like You (One Night Pt. 2)
10. Solute 21. Endlessly
11. We Don't Wanna Come Down
   (The Drought)

Meet Joe Mac
Titel: Meet Joe Mac
Erscheinungsdatum: 15.Mai 2001
Label: Atlantic

1. We Don't Wanna Come Down 7. National Anthem of Love
2. Rain 8. If I Run Into You
3. Walkin' My Baby Back Home 9. Mrs. Callahan
4. NYC Girls 10. Love Song
5. Easier 11. With a Girl Like You (One Night Stand),Pt. 2
6. Walk Away 12. I Don't Know Why I Love You

Stay the Same
Titel: Stay The Same
Erscheinungsdatum: 16.Mrz.1999
Label: Sony
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1. Couldn't Stay Away from Your Love 8. I Cried
2. I Can't Do It Without You 9. Because of You
3. Give It Up 10. We Can Get Down
4. Stay The Same 11. Let Me Take You for a Ride
5. I Love You Came Too Late 12. One Night
6. All I Wanna Do 13. Without Your Love
7. Way That I Loved You